Our Team & Advisors

We’ve hand-picked a diverse team with the experience to get AiBB into the hands of traders everywhere, to nurture the trading community, and to grow opportunities in crypto for all.

Kelghe D'cruz
Kelghe D’cruz Co-Founder & CEO

Lisa Palleson
Lisa Palleson CMO

Jessica Share
Jessica Share Marketing Director

Baba Nadimpalli
Baba Nadimpalli Ai Chief Advisor

Anastasija Plotnikova
Anastasija Plotnikova Legal Advisor

Jorge Sebastiao
Jorge Sebastiao Security Advisor

Darren Franceschini
Darren Franceschini Blockchain Advisor

Francis Morelos
Francis Morelos Data Privacy Officer

Jag Sidhu
Jag Sidhu Syscoin Advisor

Pravesh Vasudeva
Pravesh Vasudeva Financial Advisor

Ritesh Nadhani
Ritesh Nadhani Ai Expert Advisor

Namit Raisurana
Namit Raisurana Ai Product Expert

Farooq Khalid
Farooq Khalid Ai Customer Interaction

Shay Kusi
Shay Kusi Business Analyst

Viven Kalia
Viven Kalia Senior Blockchain Developer

Sheen Austin
Sheen Austin Security Engineer

Dwayne Fernandes
Dwayne Fernandes Software Engineer

AiBBi Ai Assistant