The BANK Utility Token
Powering the patform

BANK our utility token allowing users to benefit from the most advanced rewards program.
Holding BANK in your wallet allows you to boost your APY, earn interest on your tokens and support our ecosystem.


Upgrade your reward tier to earn up to 30% APY on your investment.

BANK Interest

Hold BANK in your wallet to earn passive income on your tokens.

Listing in Exchanges

BANK will be listed on Uniswap and other top tier exchanges. It will also be purchased direct in app. what’s next?

After building our client size to currently 20,000 users and 18,000,000.00 USD assets in Blockbanc we are revolutionizing the platform in 2021


Banking license, Brokerage License, Insurance License allowing us to operate as a fully legal defi banking system.

AI Neural Net

Our AI technology is getting its own neural net and is being upgraded beyond the chat application,.


Our existing non custodial wallet allows users to store multi-protocol assets bridging all future defi projects no matter what protocol they are on. what's next?


BlockBank users can boost their APY from 10% to 30% by holding BANK, and earn up to 10% APY on their other assets in app.

BANK Utility and Rewards

880M BANK total supply
80M BANK holding rewards
8M BANK referral rewards


$9M at $0.04/BANK, distributed:
⅓ on February 15, 2021
⅓ on March 15, 2021
⅓ on April15, 2021

Main Round

$2M at $0.067/BANK, distributed:
April 15, 2021
Listing on Uniswap @ $0.08
Listing on Top Tier Exchange @ $0.10



Kelghe D'cruz
Kelghe D’cruz Co-Founder & CEO

“Our AI is going to revolutionizing the way banking works. No more high fee, no more high commissions, only opportunities.”

Darren Franceschini
Darren Franceschini Co-Founder & COO

“We are expanding our bridge to traditional finance and redefining how everyone sees DeFi and Mobile Banking”

Anastasija Plotnikova
Anastasija Plotnikova Co-Founder & Legal

“It is time to bring mainstream tools to manage complex yield strategies in DeFi.”

Dunstan Tao
Dunstan Tao Chief Blockchain Architect

“It’s time you take back control from the big banks and have financial freedom”