The world is becoming more and more dependent on the Internet.

It is therefore, not surprising that Bitcoins, a secure, global and digital currency has claimed the interest of investors.

Bitcoin is open to all and offers an exciting opportunity to dive into a whole new class of assets.

Investing in bitcoins may seem scary at first, but they are usually safe, especially when you know more about them

What is a Bitcoin?

Created in 2009, bitcoin is a digital currency. Unlike normal money, which is guaranteed and valued by the government printed on it, Bitcoin is managed independently and has no Government support, which means that their value, or what you can actually spend it on, is largely determined by users.

This means that bitcoins can be worth a few dollars to nearly 20k each.

Are bitcoins safe?

Yes they are.

1. Bitcoin is encrypted and secure

Bitcoin is encrypted and saved on a special system called blockchain. The Blockchain technology uses volunteers – many of them – to work together to encrypt transactions on the Bitcoin system.

In doing so, they ensure that all personal information remain on the screen, and even if hackers manage to enter the system, there is nothing useful to steal.

2. Bitcoin is public

“Wait, it does not seem safer”, but by “public”, we mean that all transactions are transparent and accessible to the public, even if the people involved are anonymous. This means that no one can cheat the system.

The transactions are also irreversible. Therefore, once you have obtained or sold your bitcoins, no one can claim their money back. With Bitcoin, it’s like thousands of people are watching your wallet to make sure no one is trying to steal anything.

3. Bitcoin is decentralized

Bitcoin has globally placed servers and over 10,000 nodes keeping track of all BTC transactions occuring on the system. And that is very important because it means that if something happens to one of the nodes or serves, the others can take over.

It also means that attempting to hack one of the servers is useless – you cannot do anything about it that other nodes and servers cannot prevent unless you control 51% of the nodes – a situation not impossible but terribly improbable.

What is the right moment to buy?

As with any market, nothing can be said safe. But we think that the moment is perhaps the best possible, especially given the value it has.

In the course of its history, the value of Bitcoin has generally increased very rapidly, followed by a slow and steady fall until stabilization.

Use the Market option on the AiBB app to understand the value of the current Bitcoin market. Remember that bitcoin is global and is not affected by the financial situation or stability of the country.