Cryptocurrency is hot. Still, with thousands of newly minted coins, companies, fluctuating prices and exchange platforms it can intimidate any would-be investor.

AiBB (pronounced Abe) is a crypto assistant designed to simplify the entire trading process for new and seasoned investors.

Founded by startup veteran Kelghe D’cruz, the blockchain-based application launches its fundraising efforts in a private token sale this month. The public pre-sale is scheduled for July 25th.

AiBB is founded on the idea that smarter is better and that its Ai should go beyond anything currently available — rivallying the tools traditional currencies use for trade advice.

In a nutshell, Aibb consolidates all the available crypto data, trends the pricing over a period and allows investors to buy and sell all within one app.

AiBB uses patent pending AI technology to make sure important deals are just a swipe away and users’ long-forgotten orders are not undermining their financial health. It uses proprietary algorithms that sift through thousands of sources, assess their accuracy, and analyze them against the market.

Tokens can be used to unlock features on the platform like coin swap, deep analysis on your portfolio, implement basic and advanced trading strategies.The utility token allows users to up their game while the voice-controlled Ai assistant is standard for all users.

AiBB has evolved in 2018 to embrace its bigger vision with a bigger team and a product beta right on the website for users to engage. A public crowd sale is scheduled for September 1. Announcements will be released at all stages of the project sale.

About AiBB

AiBB is an all-in-one solution that takes the smartest artificial intelligence of the fiat world and applies it to the wild west of cryptocurrency. Founded in early 2017, AiBB trades, predicts, and guards investments to make for more successful traders, all from a voice-first platform. Our Ai assistant prototype can be found at