Buy gift cards with crypto of your favorite fashion brands, restaurants, etc. on the app. Have them delivered right into your email.

Here’s how you do it.


Log into the BlockBanc app and tap onto “Gift Cards.”


Choose your country name from the drop-down and select your gift-card for purchase. You can even filter your gift cards on the basis of the options you are searching for like entertainment, gaming, Clothing and Accessories, etc.” Or you can just search your brands directly from the “search” column.


Once you have selected your brand, input the amount of gift card from the drop-down menu or pick a custom amount. Tap on “Purchase.”


Enter your e-mail address for the receipt of the purchase.


Select the payment method from the list of crypto.


Transfer the required funds by tapping on the “Send” button and that’s basically it!

How much time does it take for the delivery of Gift Card once the payment is completed from your end?

Due to the amount of transactions waiting to be processed on the blockchain network your cryptocurrency uses, it can take some time to validate your transaction. Based on your choice of cryptocurrency, this can take as little as a few seconds to up to 24 hours. 

In case of any issues, get in touch with us directly and we will be more than happy to guide you further.

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