Although Uniswap has its own benefits, the process of trading comes with a host of complexities. BlockBanc aims to make the entire process simpler.

Now you can trade on the Uniswap portal right from the BlockBanc app. No need to jump from app to app. Here’s how you do it in a few simple steps.


Log into the BlockBanc app and tap on the “SWAP” module.


You will come across this interface where you will be able to swap your crypto within seconds.


To check out the trending coins and their liquidity, plus volume (24 hours), tap here.

You will find all the top tokens listed. You can also select the asset directly from this here you wish to trade.


Going back to our SWAP module, enter the amount and the type of crypto you want to swap.

For this trade, we are swapping ETH to the TrustSwap token, SWAP.


Choose the crypto you want to swap: ETH

Choose the crypto you want to swap ETH for: SWAP

Note: Choose your “from” & “to” crypto by tapping on the small downward arrow as marked by the small red box in the screenshot below.


Enter the amount of ETH. You will see the equivalent number of tokens “SWAP” almost immediately.

Scroll down to see the minimum amount received and the liquidity provider fee.

Note: You can also tap on “MAX” to swap the entire ETH balance. This will automatically take into consideration the liquidity provider fee and enter the amount accordingly.


Tap on Swap, and that is it!

Note: We use MAX gas to ensure the trade happens fast. Unused gas is credited back.


You will be redirected to Etherscan where you will be able to track the status.

In a matter of minutes, it will be done.


Your Uniswap is successfully done and the Asset will show up in your wallet.

Below, we have also created a presentation highlighting the steps involved in Uniswap trading right from the BlockBanc app.

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If you haven’t downloaded the BlockBanc app already, you can do so here.