Bitcoin is a mainstream cryptocurrency, but the biggest obstacle is letting users buy Bitcoin securely with a debit card.

Most Bitcoin exchanges accept many payment options, except for credit/debit cards. The process to fund crypto is to wire transfer (3-5 business days), e-transfer (instant usually) or use a credit card to send your money to a 3rd party broker or a crypto institute. We aim to solve this problem by partnering with various exchanges and convert FIAT to crypto on the application easier and faster than ever before.

Here is how you can buy bitcoins on the BlockBanc app in a few simple steps.

Step -1

Download the BlockBanc app and log in to the application.


You will find the Buy Crypto application right on the home screen. Tap on it.


Enter the type of crypto you want to purchase ( BTC or ETH, etc.) along with the amount in FIAT currency (USD).


Review carefully on the next page. Remember, the payment cannot be cancelled once it is processed on the user end. Tap on “Pay With Debit Card” once you have reviewed the page.


Fill in a few primary details and tap on “Continue to Payment.” You will be redirected to the payment processor next to collect card details and complete the payment.

That’s it! Once the payment is processed the BTC will show up in your wallet almost instantly. 

Also, always remember

Never keep your bitcoins on the exchange. The only safe place for storing your bitcoins is a non-custodial wallet. With features like PIN lock, fingerprint recognition, wallet backup and email verification – TOTAL SAFETY is guaranteed on the BlockBanc app! Download the app NOW and store your bitcoins in it for complete peace of mind!