A backup of your crypto wallets ensure that your assets stay protected in case of a software or hardware failure. It may also help you retrieve your assets in case your device gets lost or stolen.

The wallet on the BlockBanc app comes with a simple backup feature that you can use easily to backup as well as restore your assets. Here’s how you can do it.

Backing up your Wallet

1. Log into the BlockBanc app.

2. Go to the “Gear” symbol on the top right of your screen.

3. Tap on “Backup.”

4. Enter the PIN with which you log into the BlockBanc app.

5. Set a password for your backup file. Make sure you note it down somewhere safe. Without this password, you won’t be able to restore your BlockBanc wallet. use a alphanumeric password for complete safety and do not give it to anyone.

6. That’s it! Your backup is done. Your backup file is emailed to you on your registered e-mail ID. The app will let you know of the file name, which in this case is “aibbwallet_20201002_1108” that has been backed up. Download it and keep it somewhere safe.

Restoring Your Wallet

1. Go to the dashboard of the app and tap the “Gear” icon on the top right corner of your screen.

2. Tap on “Restore.”

3. Locate the backup file on your device which in our case is “aibbwallet_20201002_1108” and tap on it.

In case you have forgotten the location of the backup file, remember, a copy of the file was sent to you previously on your registered mail. You can download it again from there on to your device.

4. Enter the password that you had used previously for your backup file.

5. That’s it. Your restoration is successful. Log into the app again to gain access to your restored assets.

To sum up, we would urge you to backup your wallet from time to time on the BlockBanc app just to be on the safe side. It’s easy and can be restored in seconds.

And if you haven’t downloaded the BlockBanc app already, you can do so here. With features like PIN lock, fingerprint recognition, wallet backup and email verification – ASSET SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY.

Also, refer to the presentation below to quickly glance at the steps required to backup and restore your crypto wallet on the BlockBanc app.