“It’s true: beginner cryptocurrency holders face a fundamental market problem. They don’t know who to trust, how to make a trade, or even how to store their crypto securely.”

More than 14% of Americans used to own cryptocurrencies at the beginning of the year 2020 and a handful of others have said they are interested but don’t know where to start. Also they have said that they are afraid of the risks or that it’s just too confusing

Even in 2020, market knowledge is obscured by a large volume of sources. Like a report was produced by Bitwise Asset Management showing the existence of faked volumes in the bitcoin market – 95% of total volume according to its research.

BlockBanc is building an Artificial Intelligence assistant that incorporates an AI assistant, various blockchain networks, tools, smart contracts and banking into a single all in one application giving users the decision making power they’ve never had before.

BlockBanc aims to give users the tools to become a successful trader in the form of:

  • Payment gateway
  • Learning resources to learn more about crypto
  • Crypto news on a single platform
  • A non-custodial crypto wallet with ERC-20 support
  • Personalized portfolio management 
  • Trade strategy advice 
  • Groundbreaking AI insights 
  • AI analysis and security, and more.

BlockBanc also aims to bring a state-of-the-art AI to fintech, enhancing not only trading, but also the future of decentralized finance.

The Fundamental Problems Of The Crypto World

  • Not knowing the place to get good information

New users are mostly on their own – they don’t know from where they can get good and trusted information related to crypto.

  • The process can get intimidating and laborious

Basic research can lead to following or listening to bad information. Current analysis sites can be too technical and unusable for people without coding knowledge.

  • Misinterpretation of AI

Current solutions are simple scripts running in a set rulebase. This is not AI and are being sold to the public as deep learning.

Trading Bots are similar with no intelligence behind it.

  • Buying crypto can become frustrating

Buying cryptocurrency for the first time is confusing. More and more financial institutions block the ability for a person to purchase it. Once you find a solution, you must ensure it is safe and secure.

  • Decentralized finance (DeFi) is expensive and volatile

DeFi is super volatile and has caused massive clog in the Ethereum network. This has resulted in massive spikes in gas fees. A simple system does not exist.

Our solution

  • Single, Simple Interface

The current process to research, fund, trade, transfer, and analyze crypto is too intimidating. We believe in a much simplistic approach where the user interface will be easily comprehensible and every instruction would be clearly written from a non-technical point of view, and will be kept on a single page. 

  • Listening To You

Our AI that is still in its prototype phase has NLP and integration within all modules to learn better, interpret your desires, and perform better for you. All with simple voice commands.

  • More than just bots

Current solutions are simple algorithms in a complicated, ranging market. Deep learning means the AI advisor becomes a market master working for you.

  • Actionable Intelligence

There are thousands of contradictory sources out there, but humans can only analyze few hundred data points. We need to turn off the wrong info and turn the correct info into actionable advice and that is exactly what we do.

  • Non-custodial crypto wallet with ERC-20 support 

You can securely store all your altcoins in our smart wallet. A single wallet for all your ERC20 assets on the Ethereum network.

  • Security

Our goal has always been to keep your assets safe. We have implemented a pin code system with Fingerprint authentication.

Backup and restore of your wallet feature is also provided in case your device gets stolen or misplaced. 

If you haven’t downloaded the BlockBanc already, you can download it here and see for yourself. Become a part of the BlockBanc community and open your eyes to a whole new world of crypto.