Security is very complex in the tech-savvy world. It seems that almost every day, there is another report of a major data breach or ransomware.

While blockchain is the cryptowallet security model (blockchain is completely secure through the distributed ledger creating the chain), it does not produce a fully secure system. The threat does not lie on the blockchain, but on the portfolio or the exchange provider.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you take ample security measures to safeguard your private keys and protect your funds in your wallet. The following tips can help.

Practice proper internet hygiene

Pay attention to the places you go online, especially when using your device with a wallet. Malicious websites and unsafe public WiFi networks can put your crypto wallet at risk. At the same time, do not leave your device unattended and do not lend it to anyone.

Be aware of phishing

Phishing scams through Google Ads and e-mails are common in the world of cryptography.

These scams are more and more rampant; make sure the domain name of emails received from portfolio companies is spelled correctly. Once you have sent your private key to a phishing website, you can say farewell to your funds.

Do not keep your cryptocurrencies on the exchange

You may think of keeping your cryptocurrencies on the exchange where you bought them, but that means you let the exchange take control of your funds and possibly expose them to hackers.

It is safer to move your coins to a software wallet like AiBB, which allows you to fully control your private keys while protecting them from hackers.

Check twice when making a transaction.

Remember that cryptographic transactions are irreversible and that any small error in the recipient’s address will result in a loss of money. As encrypted wallet addresses represent a huge mix of numbers and numbers, committing an error is not that difficult. Never type addresses manually, only copy and paste.

However, even this precaution is not always enough. Some tricky viruses replace the address of the wallet by that of a hacker. Even after copying and pasting the address, carefully check the first and last symbols and make sure they match.

Use a separate email address for your encrypted wallet.

If your email is hacked, the hacker may gain access to your wallet. Set up a different email address with alternative information, such as your nick name – something, that will be hard for the hacker to guess.

For additional security, use different email addresses for your exchange account and your wallet account. Use these addresses only for these accounts and for no other purpose.

Disable automatic updates

It is always a good idea to disable automatic updates for applications related to the cryptographic sphere.

Application bugs can potentially lead to massive losses for account holders. It is best to wait 2 to 3 days after an update is released to see if any bugs appear.

Why choose AiBB?

You can securely store all your altcoins in AiBB’s smart wallet. With powerful security features such as fingerprint recognition, PIN code lock, email verification, and wallet backup you can be sure your coins are safe.

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