AiBB, the world’s smartest Ai-based crypto trading platform, announces a partnership with Iagon in order to bring users more functionality on their all-in-one crypto trading and advisement platform.

AiBB’s platform is packed with trading features including a single log-in across exchanges, a smarter Ai advisor, price accuracy, trade alerts and following pro traders. Smart contract making, wallet functionality, and banking services in the EU make a platform like no other — and now secure decentralized storage helps keep user trades safe, too.

Iagon offers proprietary encrypted, distributed storage utilizing blockchain and sharding protocols and storage will be accessible though the AiBB application. They will be able to hold IAG tokens on AiBB, increasing the functionality for traders and offering them access to Iagon’s ecosystem.

Both teams have a commitment to Ai-based systems where storage and processing power are at the heart of changing the computing world.

You can learn more about the AiBB token sale here.

You can check out Iagon’s revolutionary cloud here.